FAQs 1
What's the meaning of the name "Scrumpy's"?
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How much juice will 100 lbs (45 Kg) of apples yield?
How much fruit is in a bushel?
How can I tell if my apples are fully ripe?
What quality fruit is required for juicing?
How can I judge if fruit is ok for juice?
Are windfalls ok?
Should my apples be washed prior to juicing ?
Why do you not wash all apples?
What's meant by the US term Hard Cider?
Can I freeze apple juice to preserve it?
Do you pasteurize or preserve fruit juice?
Will heat pasteurization affect flavour?
Can I pasteurize my juice at home?
What if I can't pick up my juice before 5:00pm?
Will fruit with hard scab areas be suitable?
Are there any additional charges?
Can you press apples and pears together?
If I have sprayed my fruit should it be washed?
Do you press stone fruit ie plums, cherries, peaches?
Do I have to deliver my fruit in std milk crates?
If we can't make it during normal days/hrs?
Will i know how much juice was produced from my fruit
The act of "scrumping" is the stealing of apples off the tree, usually by small children.
Scrumpy is also the common name for alcoholic hard cider drunk in the UK.
Approx 7.5 US Gals or 27.0 Lts. (4.0 Milk Crates of fruit sufficient for a 23Lt "U-Brew").
Approx 38 - 42 lbs. Dependant on fruit type and variety.
The fruit parts easily from the tree when lifted and turned slightly (dark brown seeds).
Please ensure your fruit is free from rots and molds picked clean from your trees.
Simply remember this !! "if you wouldn't eat it why would you be prepared to drink it".
Yes, if clean and having lain in ungrazed grass for no more than a day or two.
Yes, if there is any doubt whatsoever about cleanliness ie windfalls,bird droppings etc.
Customers should wash there own fruit. We wash if requested at a charge of $0.80 / MC.
A Hard Cider is apple juice fermented to give an alcoholic beverage.
Yes, this is the best method for retaining flavour (avoid glass containers when freezing).
No not at this time, we much prefer the flavour of frozen juice.
Yes, it will move the flavour closer to that of the bulk supermarket product.
Yes, Use a thermometer, heat to 160 F for 2 mins to eliminate E Coli & Salmonella.
Please let us know and we can arrange a time to suit.
Yes. Simply use your judgement.(better quality fruit gives better juice).
No.(You provide the picked fruit and clean sealable juice containers, we do the rest).
Yes, no problem. (for best results please ensure your pears are not fully ripe).
Yes, we will ask you this at delivery time.(Dormant oil sprays applied in Jan/Feb are OK)
Yes, but only if the stones/pits are 100% removed (please phone ahead to discuss).
No. Any convenient boxes, totes, bags etc etc that you have to hand will do just fine.
Please call us, we will do all we can to accommodate your needs.
Yes, each customer's juice is produced separately and measured in Lts

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