Assist with off loading into our std milk crates via a purpose designed fruit ramp.
A final wash and sort through of your fruit rejecting missed moldy or rotted specimens.
Grind/grate apples, pears and quinces to prepare for pressing.
Press using 3 No modern water powered bladder presses.Capable of 675 lbs of fruit /press
Juice filling into customer supplied clean containers.
We have no minimum order requirements.
We can open Tues & Wed for larger customer orders (approx 750 Lbs or more).
By arrangement we will accept fruit delivery on Tues & Wed for processing on Thur.
All customer containers must accompany their fruit delivery.
For the home cider/wine maker we can sulfite your juice if you wish to (50ppm) at no extra charge.
We can press previously frozen fruit. (Please discuss with us prior to bringing frozen fruit)
At present we do not operate as a "U Brew" for cider, perry or wines.
Customer apples ready for inspection and washing
Customer off loads grapes and pulp and reloads product.(We will assist)
Crush & destem grapes to prepare for customer primary fermentation.
Crush, destem and press grapes for customer primary fermentation.
Press fermented grape pulp prior to customer's secondary fermentation.
Press using modern water-powered bladder presses at a pressure of choice.
Pulp or juice filling into customer cleaned containers for same day pick up.
We have no min order req for grapes to crush & destem. We require 3 No 5 Imp Gals pails of primary ferment pulp for press only. 1 Box = 36 lbs on stem grapes = 1 Milk Crate prior to crush/destem.
Press Room under development July 2012

Apple Press & Cider House